High quality and cost-efficient.

Our camera crew and AI powered camera systems are your all your club needs for cutting edge game and training footage.

We deliver on-Site production for multi-camera events. Our Production offer scalable solutions to produce events at venues of any size.

On-site and On-time sports production.

  • 4k Footage
  • Full Pitch Cover
  • A.I software auto-produces and edits your game film
  • Player Number recognition
  • On-screen scoreboards
  • Our team edits all your video content creating full game film and highlight reels.
  • Full games are published to your phone and club cloud area
  • Create a 5 minute video from your team’s highlights
  • Easily share games with absent family supporters via mobile sharing
  • A.I software that automatically edits and cuts team highlights
  • Instant highlights from every game & every player
  • Our tracking software identifies player numbers
  • Players can create and share their own highlight reels
  • A simple way of sharing with your technical team, players and scouts abroad.
  • Message your team to watch full games, highlight clips and key moments
  • Share your custom webpage for quick access for scouts, media outlets, family of players & fans
  • Share games & highlights to your club social media channels
  • Use data with any analytics platform for the ultimate performance analysis suite.
  • Utilise video to enhance team play & highlight team instructions
  • Host film sessions with your team or individuals to review, analyse and improve performances
  • Archive games of key opponents – study weaknesses and strengths
  • Clip and timestamp game footage to highlight key moments

Manage club content with ease

Your own club branded all-access dashboard puts your entire video content library in one place and accessible to staff, players and parents. Manage access and sharing permissions with an simple system that includes a live event management console, a subscriber management module, a billing module, and a host of other options.