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Service and Support

Committed to delivering a great experience. Live dedicated support to make sure your operation runs smooth.

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Your analysis tools are the most advanced and identical to the video analysis tools, used by the elite clubs around the world.

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From elite to grassroots Mansa Musa offers a wide range of quality video and data solutions.

Advanced Coaching

Help develop your club and teams with advanced coaching and analysis tools. Share insights and collaborate with the coaches and teammates from anywhere.


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Simple tools to capture and present game and player highlights.

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  • Google Play or iPhone App
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  • Access Individual Player highlights
  • Add your favourite clips to your personal album
  • Create your own clips with Easy clip and edit tools
  • Highlight, Tag and share important plays and clips
  • Breakdown games, phases and plays to share with coaches and team players
  • Share clips with family members of players who cannot attend the game

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